Oxygen stone

Oxygen stone
* Number of OXYGEN STONE pieces depends on the size of fish, number of fish and water temperature.
* If the fish gasp at the water surface - avery common sign of low oxygen levels - replace water and OXYGEN STONE pieces.
* The higher the water temperature, the less oxygen it holds. We recommend that you keep your aquariums away from excessive heat and/or direct sunlight.
*Make sure you replace Oxygen Stone every month or as needed.
*Do not open the bags that contain Oxygen Stone until you are ready to use.
*store unopened Oxygen Stone in a dry place.

*Instruction for Use:
Use only bottled spring water(not distilled water) at room temperature. Place gravel in the tank. Put Oxygen stone piece(s) on the gravel. You may see air bubbles forming on the Oxygen Stone, that is the oxygen generated by Oxygen Stone. Those air bubbles will disappear, dissolving into the water. But Oxygen Stone continues to produce oxygen for the period of about one month.