HBH Aqua-Pure Phosphate Pad

HBH Aqua-Pure Phosphate Pad
Item# sfm-hb0028

Product Description:

Aqua-Pure Cut-To-Fit filter pads can be cut to fit almost any filter application, including hanging filters, pond filters, trickle filters, wet/dry filters, drip trays, canister filters, powerhead attachments, and other mechanical filter applications.
Phosphate filter pads are ideal in controlling escalating phosphate levels due to decaying organic material, overfeeding, overcrowding, and lack of water changes.
Phosphate levels during these times can quickly get out of hand, increasing algae growth.
However, Aqua-Pure Phosphate filter pads are made of a long-lasting polyfiber material that is imkpregnated with a phosphate-grabbing resin to reduce aquarium phosphate and keep algae growth in check.
10" x 18"